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Carnivore Damage Prevention News (CDPNews) is a professional newsletter focused on the complex challenges presented by the coexistence of large carnivores and human activities. It acts as a forum to raise awareness of practical solutions, to facilitate collaboration among researchers, policy makers, agricultural consultants, hunters and farmers and to improve knowledge exchange between countries as well as across the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

With the help of the MedWolf-Project supported by the LIFE-Programme of the European Commission the "Carnivore Damage Prevention Newsletter" (CDP-News) could be restarted again after a break of 8 years. Until the end of 2017  8 issues have been published. From 2018 - 22 the Swiss centre for livestock protection will coordinate the editor team to publish another 8 issues. The new Guidelines for Authors constitute the baseline for contributions all around the world.

Number 17, February 2018

CDPNews 17, "Social and institutional aspects"     









Number 16, November 2017

CDPNews 16, "Livestock Guardian Dogs, Part II"









Number 15, December 2017

CDPNews 15, "Livestock Guardian Dogs, Part I"









Number 14, October 2017

CDPNews 14, "The Shepherd Issue"










Number 13, May 2017

CDPNews 13, "Challenges" 

Number 12, April 2016

CDPNews 12, "Bear Damage Prevention"

Number 11, January 2015

CDPNews 11, "Extensive Grazing and Predation"

Number 10, April 2014

April 2014: CDPNews Reloaded

Since 2005 there is a continuous cooperation between livestock protection experts from France, Italy and Switzerland. A working group with members of all three countries has been established and a common report was handed over to to the permanent committee of the Convention of Bern in 2009. A similar report on the subject of the alpine wolve population and wolve monitoring has been written by another international working group.


Many different workshops and international seminars have been conducted with the active participation of Switzerland. In Italy there were two major events taking place on the subject of coexistance of big carnivores and human activities: 2007 in Assisi and 2010 in Turin. Between 1998 – 2008 the LIFE-COEX project has been carried out by the EU and a diversity of NGO`s. 2006 a congress was organized by the French Eperts under the title « le loup et l`élevage- s`ouvrir à la compléxité » (The wolf and livestock husbandry : opening up to a new complexity).