Carnivore Damage Prevention News (CDPNews) is a professional newsletter focused on the complex challenges presented by the coexistence of large carnivores and human activities. It acts as a forum to raise awareness of practical solutions, to facilitate collaboration among researchers, policy makers, agricultural consultants, hunters and farmers and to improve knowledge exchange between countries as well as across the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

CDPNews was first published in 2000–2005. Following a break of eight years, the next series of issues was supported by the European Commission within the LIFE MedWolf Project. The Swiss centre for livestock protection, AGRIDEA, took over coordination in 2018 and published eight issues within the LIFE EuroLargeCarnivores project.

The next period from 2023-26 will be funded by WWF Switzerland and WWF Germany.

Our Guidelines for Authors constitute the basis for the authors from all around the world. 


Number 25, December 2022

CDPNews 2 


Number 24, March 2022

CDPNews 24 


Number 23, December 2021

CDPNews 23 

CDPNews 23 (German)

CDPNews 23 (Portuguese)


Number 22, July 2021

CDPNews 22

CDPNews 22 (German)


Number 21, April 2021

CDPNews 21   


Number 20, November 2020

CDPNews 20   


Number 19, February 2020

CDPNews 19  

CDPNews 19  (Slovak)









Number 18, October 2019

CDPNews 18     








Number 17, February 2018

CDPNews 17, "Social and institutional aspects"     









Number 16, November 2017

CDPNews 16, "Livestock Guarding Dogs, Part II"









Number 15, December 2017

CDPNews 15, "Livestock Guarding Dogs, Part I"









Number 14, October 2017

CDPNews 14, "The Shepherd Issue"










Number 13, May 2017

CDPNews 13, "Challenges" 

Number 12, April 2016

CDPNews 12, "Bear Damage Prevention"

Number 11, January 2015

CDPNews 11, "Extensive Grazing and Predation"

Number 10, April 2014

April 2014: CDPNews Reloaded